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“Crazy: La follia nell’arte contemporanea,” Chiostro del Bramante’s newest exhibition- curated by Danilo Eccher- is a sensory whirlwind packed into 21 acts. It’s flashing lights and broken glass and fur lined walls, not to mention at least a few rainbows. The works are overwhelmingly, dare I say, “fun”? This comes as no surprise at this venue, however.

Just as previous exhibitions at Chiostro del Bramante relied on a sense of “Instagram-ability,” like last year’s Banksy show and the previous “Dream,” we’re brought into a world that makes us want to snap a pic.


The exhibition, which may have seemed a bit frivolous a few years back, suddenly appears needed in a post(ish) pandemic Rome. Let us take a selfie! Let us enjoy a neon sign! Suddenly the instagramability feels necessary, to prove that we are existing in the world again instead of only viewing in from our screens.

That’s not to say the show is all fun and games. Perhaps the best moments come as the surprises where the rug feels pulled from under the viewer. The lights are gone and we’re in a dark closet. We’ve stepped into a dingy instillation that feel like a horror movie or the rumored “back rooms.”


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